Puglia and the Salento Region

Masseria il Trullino is located in the Region of Puglia, the “heel of Italy”, a land known for its slow living, warm welcome, vast extensions of olive groves, white-washed quaint villages, 800Km of unspoilt coastline along the Adriatic and round to the Ionian Seas. Not to mention its simple but delicious food, its red Primitivo wine and Italy’s largest production of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Puglia is one of Italy’s most authentic regions, which in recent years has become one of the most sought-after destinations, with visitors arriving from all four corners of the world to discover gems like Trani, sleep in ‘masserie’ and ‘trulli’ and in search of soulful experiences.

Shaped like the heel of a boot, Puglia lies between two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, and is known for its winds and sun! With 2700 hours of sunshine a year, Puglia is a region for all seasons. Its mild winters are ideal to explore the historic towns such as Trani, Ostuni, Grottaglie and Specchia, or bike across the tranquil countryside stopping at a trattoria for a plate of freshly made ‘orecchiette’ pasta; whilst during the summer you want to take it slow and spend the day by the beach or take long lazy lunches under the shades of a centennial olive tree.

There are plenty of village fêtes (“sagre”) all year round to immerse yourself in the local culture. From the “snails” festival (“sagra delle lumache”) in the village of Cannole, to the world-renown ‘Festa di Santa Domenica’ in Scorrano, famous for its unsurpassable lights show. 

The Masseria is situated in the village of Carpignano Salentino, at the heart of a region called Salento, where locals speak ‘Griko’, a dialect deriving from Greek. Just 15 minutes drive from fine sandy beaches and less than 20 minutes from Lecce and Otranto, the masseria is perfectly located to experience the best of Salento, its market towns, its vineyards, coastal scenic routes and the sweet pace of an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.

“Salento – lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu” 

“Salento – the sun, the sea, the wind”

Pietra leccese

What to do

Plenty to do in Salento, from sightseeing historic towns like Lecce and Gallipoli, to taste wine and olive oil, to bike through olive groves, sail, swim in crystal blue water or learn how to carve the local stone, 'pietra leccese, as well as mastering the craft of making fresh 'orecchiette' pasta.

Spaghetti sea urchins

What to eat

The simplicity and yet the poetry of the Apulian dishes, will take you back to the authenticity of its people, the appreciation for simple gestures and convivial atmospheres.
Try warm 'pasticciotti' for breakfast, pasta with freshly caught sea urchins for lunch and drink plenty of Rosa del Golfo rose' at sunset.


What to see

Don't miss the 'capital' of Baroque Lecce, Gallipoli the 'beautiful city', Ostuni the 'white city' , Grottaglie for its pottery, Specchia the 'artists' village or the pretty coastal town of Castro.
There are also plenty of beaches to sunbathe, caves to explore, rocks to jump off from.


Carpignano Salentino, our village: 1Km

Martano, nearest larger town: 4Km

Nearest sandy beaches: 15 min drive

Lecce: 24Km

Otranto: 16Km

Specchia: 32Km

Gallipoli: 53Km

Santa Maria di Leuca: 50Km

Brindisi Airport: 80Km

Bari Airport: 195Km